Kenapa belajar Bahasa Indonesia?

Why Learn Bahasa Indonesia ?

Hey Customer Avatar,

Apa Kabar?

apa Yang terjadi hidupmu ?

Hari ini, aku mau bicara tentang belajar bahasa Indonesia

Have you ever thought of learning a new language?

Do learning new things excites you?

You might be wondering what this mail is all about?

or why it’s in my inbox?

No worries, the answer lies with me.

I will tell you the reason why?

But before that let me share with you a famous proverb by -Vernon Howard

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.”-Vernon Howard

Learning new things have a very positive effect on your brain muscle.

According to neuroscientists, brain muscles become active to learn new things.

you feel charged up, you feel energetic.

Having so much positivity in yourself is a gif in itself.

Now let me tell you

why you should be learning Bahasa Indonesia ?

before I tell you that let me assure you it’s the best investment you will do

The 21st century is for Asia and its language, people & Business.

you may have heard the famous proverb

Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will”- Vernon howard

rightly so, one should have something new to learn

learning new things adds value to your personality, to your life..

  1. Easiest language : Indonesian language is easiest language to learn among asian language

its follows roman script and is phonetics that is it is read and spoken as written

its grammar is relax and easy to learn

2. Increasing Demand : we are aware that 21st century for is asia’s language , people and buisness

Indonesia is drawing huge investment form all Major MNC to its basket and due to this it needs a huge pool of language professional resources .

they are also offered a good package

3. Tourist place: Indonesian tops the rank of tourist place in the world in a recent survey and if you know language and dialects its an added advantage to you.

you have a huge opportunity as an Indonesian language speaker to earn as a tourist guide

4. digital marketing: with advancements in technology Indonesian people are increasingly migrating to digital mediums.

mobile phone users are increasing exponentially and this adds up to numerous opportunities beside other

5. translator/freelancer: having equipped yourself as indonesian professional you can work remotely as a freelancer translator /trainer and earns a good money through internet.

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