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Transportation concept and business idea

Hello all,

My career started as a Bahasa Indonesian expert and Trainer.

I was working as a Bahasa Indonesian expert in corporates.

I got to learn SAP -MM there, before that I had only heard of this term and knew nothing about it.

I was working in supply chain management and my client was GSK pharma a leading pharma giant.

when I joined the organization, hardly I had any idea about SAP-MM and things seemed difficult in the beginning.

yes, it was difficult to learn this new thing but not because it was a new and harder thing to learn

but because of the trainer we were assigned to.

The trainer was given responsibility of training us in the tool so that we can start working Immediately and be ready to go on the floor.

it was a SAP tool where we use to get requests from clients regarding the Data or master data. our job was to receive, read and analyze those request and then respond to the client as per the standard operating Procedure(SOPs) .

simple enough .

No, It was not that simple, It was full of fear, insecurity, and irritation to learn the things as soon as possible and that too from a frustating trainer like him.

I alongwith my fellow colleague were always eager to learn it as soon as possible and this common goals broughts us together to became close friends.

our goal was the same to learn this tool quickly and be a pro in this tool so that we can work on our own and Independently.

for me it was utmost important to learn things faster and start working on my own so that i can postion myself in the organization and in my team.

my shift was morning shift starting at 7:00 am in the morning and initially it was bit difficult to get up early in the morning and go to office on time but gradually i adept to the schdule.

one advantage was that i was habitual of getting up early and that gave me very good feelings.

There is a proverb “whatever happens happens for good “.

Getting up early in the morning was a bit difficult in the beginning but soon I was habituated to it and it gave me a good feeling.

Getting up early in the morning is considered a good habit and it truly is!

It helped me keep my energy level high and i was very much focused on my work.

I remember, how I use to note down everything in my copy because I was afraid that I will forget and later trainer may scold us .

I was also ashamed and a feeling of guilt was there as no one used to do like me in office and sometimes few fellow colleagues also use to laugh at me.

I felt bad and a bit humiliated but I kept writing things so that I don’t need to ask my trainer again.

I was thinking in my mind that somehow i have to learn this work at the earliest and start working on my own so that i can position myself into the organization.

my motivation level was high.

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