Law of marketing

Why do you need to understand the law of marketing?

We are in the information age today and the world has changed drastically altogether. We are all trying to keep up pace with this

changing corporate order in our own way, But keeping pace in this corporate is irritating.
We are engaged in our jobs, family, relationship, finance, and others.
Post covid19, we have surpassed this pandemic and thanks god we are alive and healthy.
You must be wondering why I am talking about Covid19?
What covid19 has to do with law of marketing?
Covid19 was a pandemic but it gave us an important life lesson.

Future is uncertain and we need to make it certain through our passion and smart work.

I mean you need to have a side hustle or side business based on your passion.
We need to have a side business or side hustle and not just being dependent on any one job.

But is that possible to have create a side hustle and what it has to do with marketing?

Let me tell you I was in a job till recently

It gave me money but I was away from my family

Working in corporate setup is tiring and full of petty politics

I learnt lot many things but after sometime I felt it was too tiring and cumbersome.

This situation pushed me to do something which help me create my own start-up which suits my passion,

Also it help me grow career wise, money wise and help me create a side hustle which is good enough to support my financially

and live my passion.

I wanted to get out of this corporate trap and work on my passion

But I was not sure where to start? how to start?

This was in my mind and thoughts to do something which help me stand on my own and which allows me to follow my passion.

Then finally after years of procrastination, I found it.

It was my version2.0

I Have gained skills that I can cash upon

How does that relate to the law of marketing?

A product sells itself before being created and hence i have to focus on something which I can deliver to people or more specifically (My target audience).

In this age if we wish to have a our start up or business..

And almost everything is going digital in today’s world.

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Here I will let you know about concept of digital markting

1.The law of marketing: Like every subject marketing also have a law.
it is based more on science then on creativity.

you need to understand who your customer (target Audience) are..

what are their needs and aspirations?

What are their problems?

Understanding the customer’s need will help you create a product.

once you have a good product, let say you create a product “P”. you are well on your journey to understand marketing and its nuances.
Having a great product based on your passion is what is very crucial…

having a great product P will sell itself, it won’t need a marketing.

Marketing is rooted in human beings since its evolution and it is crucial to understand it.

Marketing is sending the right message to right people at the right time.

If done in this way it will have a right product-market fit for us.

2. Traditional marketing Vs Digital marketing:
There is a drastic change in the way marketing has been done earlier and how it is done now
The traditional means of marketing comprises Television, newspaper, radio, or print ads which people used based on their needs.
But today we notice the drastic change, everything in marketing has gone digital ..
So much so that it has evolved as a separate domain “digital marketing” Digital marketing is more about marketing than about digital.
Digital ways of marketing have changed the outlook and its reach.
Today smartphone reach is in every hand and everyone is consuming content.
This has made people being more connected to the internet and media content.
Your target audience have easy access to your product through smartphone and they can find it convenient to use and know about your product.
Digital means of marketing have added value marketing and make it different from traditional marketing.

  1. CATT funnel:
    This topic is very important for you to understand
    C stands for Content: you are suppose to create content that attracts people to your blog or more specifically people from your niche (Target audience) is attracted to your niche.
    A – Attention: your content attracts attention to your content using different digital marketing means such as SEO, social media, Paid Ads.
    T- Trust: – you must build trust with your target audience
    This trust building with target customer will be the building blocks for your personal brand.
    T- Transaction: once you have build strong trust with your target audience,people will buy your product which is called transaction.
  2. Personal Branding :
    This is the most important part of your journey … Building your personal brand ..
    Personal branding is very powerful.
    It helps you establish yourself as a brand in your niche and help you connect better.
  3. Learn new skill:
    It starts with learning a new skill based on your passion
    Put this newly learned skill to work and get your hands dirty in real word Getting your hand dirty will give you better understanding ..
    write about your work and experience which you have been doing while actually working.
    This practice of writing about your niche will help people better connect to you.
    This practice of writing will also help you understand your niche better.
    It will also add up to your writing habit leading to a content master.
    Having gained some experience into this you can start consulting other business instead of working for them.
  4. Consult: once you have a personal brand and some work experience and have learned the fundamental, start consulting other business instead of working for them.
    4.Mentoring: you can also mentor other people who wants to be like you in your niche
    This mentoring will help you scale your understanding to a whole new level.
    Communication skills: It is one of crucial skills which you will develop while writing blog
    Your communication skills play a vital role in your personality
    Your personal brand, it makes your brand more reachable It establishes a long lasting connection with your target audience .
    you must be wondering what if I am poor at my Communication skills?
    Well, No one is a born communicator
    Everyone has to start somewhere, someday and start practising the skills You might have heard of a famous quote:
    The best time to plant a tree was fives years ago and next best time is today.
    It’s the starting of a thing which is crucial .
    Once you start writing regularly and bring in momentum..
    This brings more clarity into your writing skills leading to you being a better communicator .

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